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How Can-do Presidents Use Money

Understanding the "figures" that are not shown in financial statements


written by Akira Kaneko

Softcover First edition (May 2012)
 ISBN: 9784419058364

¥952 yen (without tax)

The author, Akira Kaneko, Japan’s best treasurer, who worked for 38 years at Shin-Etsu Chemical, an outstanding company which posted record-breaking profits for 13 consecutive terms, reveals—which expenses contribute to make money and which expenses contribute to just lose money.
How can-do presidents generate money, spend money, view salary, use the accounting and finance department, and read figures, and how business person should set along with the staff in the accounting and finance department.

Mr. Akira Kaneko is the well-known business author in Japan. His major writings run to over 130 books.

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Mr.Chihiro Kanagawa :

The Management of the World's Best Business Leader


written by Akira Kaneko

Softcover Second edition (June 2012)
 ISBN: 9784419058364

¥667 yen (without tax)

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 ISBN: 9784419700164

¥700 yen (including tax)

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A business book that provides lively lessons in business management!

The World Class Management of Chihiro Kanagawa, Chairman of Shin-Etsu Chemical, who achieved record high profits for thirteen consecutive years.
Shin-Etsu Chemical, the most profitable company in the world and the global market leader in PVC resin and semiconductor silicon wafers—
The author, Akira Kaneko, based on his experience of working closely with Chihiro Kanagawa as a managing director and CFO in charge of accounting and finance, captures the essence of the business management and execution of Kanagawa, the world’s best business leader who led Shin-Etsu Chemical to outstanding success.

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 "The Complete Tax Guide to Advance Into Japan"

written by Gou Kawada, Yosihiro Hongou, Jun Nagamine

Softcover First edition (May 1998)
 ISBN: 4419030259

¥3,200 yen (without tax)

   Much more foreign firms have advanced into Japanese market with a deregulation in Japanese economy such as Big Bang. Also, many more foreigners have visited to Japan on business, and they have often asked us if there is any good introductionary book of Japanese taxation in English. Unfortunately, there were not any good book we could introduce to them before and we decided to publish one.

This book is separated in three chapters
   Chapter 1: Generality
   Chapter 2: Tax on Individual
   Chapter 3: Tax on Corporation

  To help not only foreigners but Japanese who have often been asked about Japanese taxation in English, this book has the Japanese original on one page and the English translation on the other. We tried to make the book as simple as possible, so anybody interested in taxation can easily understand......(From the Preface)

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  "International Auditing Environment"

edited by Ichirou Shiobara

Softcover First edition (July 2001)
 ISBN: 4419038659

¥3,500 yen (without tax)

   This book reflects several traits of editor's preference. Arrangement of articles implies the editor's sincere hope to encourage the challenging spirits in the field of accounting professionals in Asian countries to dispatch the messages of their experiences to the so-called developed countries....(From the Introduction)

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     "Outlook for Business Accounting at the Start of the 21st Century"

written by Akira Wakasugi

   This paper will pinpoint the issues of concern inherent in the Japanese accounting system and make proposals as to the approach required to resolve them. The author will state his opinions about cash flow accounting, valuation based on market value, environmental accounting, human asset accounting and investor relations (IR) activities. (From the Preface)

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     "A Comparison of American and Japanese Publishing Strategies"

written by Katsuyuki Otsubo

  This thesis is the result of study in the ‘Master of Science in Publishing Program’ at Pace University in New York City. 

  The author compares and analyzes the difference between American and Japanese publishing strategies in terms of the copyright, culture, and industry issues. Publishers need effective publishing strategies for selecting and selling translated books in America and Japan. This thesis provides essential materials for the people who operate the publishing business in America and Japan..

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