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   The mission of Zeikei Group is to provide useful and up-to-date information of all business practices through the use of many kinds of media such as printed materials, the Internet, CD-ROM and E-books. Zeikei Group consists of five companies which are Zeimu Keiri Kyokai , Zeikei Insatsu, Senbundo, Zeikei Gakuin, and Ohori Offices. 

   Zeimu Keiri Kyokai is the central (principal) operating unit of Zeikei Group. Zeimu Keiri Kyokai was founded in 1945 in Tokyo, Japan. Since its inception, the company has been considered a leading publisher specializing in books on finance, taxation, management, and marketing in Japan. Zeimu Keiri Kyokai serves professionals and business people in specialized areas including nonprofit institution management, small business management, managerial accounting, auditing, and taxation. 

   Zeimu Keiri Kyokai publishes textbooks for undergraduate and graduate students as well as those involved in continuing education. The company has approximately 1,500 active titles and publishes more than 100 new titles each year. Zeimu Keiri Kyokai's magazines and books have a sound reputation among professionals as well as students and educators. 

   Since 1999, Zeimu Keiri Kyokai has provided E-learning courses on its web site. Zeimu Keiri Kyokai strives to fulfill customers' requirements by providing useful and reliable information.


President and CEO

   Yosiharu Otsubo is president and CEO of Zeimu Keiri Kyokai. He was appointed in 1980. He is the member of the executive committee of the Japan Book Publishers Association and frequently lectures on the financial aspects of publishing in Japan.



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